1. AHK workplace

    Students work together with scientists and companies on innovative projects for societal challenges.

  2. AMS Institute

    AMS Institute develops technological solutions for complex challenges that metropolitan regions like Amsterdam face both now and in the future.

  3. Borges

    The world’s leading 3D file platform

  4. Cinekid

    Producer of film, television and new media festival Cinekid

  5. Clubhouse

    A great place for exchanging ideas and a healthy lunch.

  6. Codam

    An unorthodox coding college will open its doors at the Marineterrein in September 2018.

  7. FMO Solutions

    Organizes, manages and designs all internet facilities on the Marineterrein.

  8. IJsfontein

    'Serious games' for personnel training, museums, or primary education

  9. Locatienet

    Specialist in geografical webservices

  10. Makerversity

    Offering makerspaces, equipment, knowledge and inspiring peers

  11. Nemo Science Museum: Studio

    In the Studio, citizens can learn about scientific issues and technological developments and make a contribution to solutions.

  12. XRBASE

    Bringing together specialists in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality