Work space

The Marineterrein transforms from a closed area to an innovative and future-proof city district with an international appearance. The vacant spaces are filled with organizations, projects and activities that make a contribution to the ambition of the area. Everything that happens on the Marineterrein is innovative and sustainable and fits within the development themes: learning, living and working.

How do we cope with the rapid changes? How do we become resilient, both as a person and as a city? At Marineterrein Amsterdam, dozens of organizations are working together on solutions to these issues.

Office space

Marineterrein Amsterdam offers office space to start-ups, scale-ups and other organizations involved in devising, testing and applying solutions for future urban challenges. Momentarily, there is no space available.

Co-work spaces

XRBase is a large co-working space on the Marineterrein. Experts and small teams work together on applications in the field of XR (Cross Reality), often at the interface of social challenges and technology. New members can register via this link.

Project space

The Marineterrein is ideal for outdoor tests on the ground, in the water or in the sky. Requests can be sent to