Work space

The Marineterrein transforms from a closed area to an innovative and future-proof city district with an international appearance. The vacant spaces are filled with organizations, projects and activities that make a contribution to the ambition of the area. Everything that happens on the Marineterrein is innovative and sustainable and fits within the development themes: water, mobility, learning and health.

Co-work spaces an office space

  • Co-work spaces:¬†XRBASE¬†offers co-work spaces for creative and innovative scale-ups, start-ups and freelancers.
  • Office space: Organizations that are interested in helping the Marineterrein meet its development objectives can use this form to make their interests for a location known. However, the chance that your request is granted is extremely small, given the large number of registrations.

Projects outdoor

The public space is suited for small-scale activities that are aimed at learning, making, testing and proving. Activities may not conflict with our house rules. For each activity, an application must first be submitted to Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam. Sometimes a permit from the municipality of Amsterdam is also required.

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