What is Makerversity?

12 January 2016

Makerversity builds and supports communities of the most exciting maker businesses. Two years ago, Makerversity set up their first site in a historic building in central London. This is now home to over 60 emerging businesses. Coming spring, Makerversity opens their first international space at the Marineterrein site in Amsterdam.

Members of Makerversity will have access to co-working spaces, event spaces and studio spaces alongside fabrication and prototyping facilities, machines and tools.  Makerversity will also provide business support, events and a cultural programme. Through the education programme ‘Makerversity DIY’, members are offered  a chance to contribute time and skills to inspire the next generation of creative and practical minds.

Anyone who is in the business of making, of would like to be, is invited to be part of the community. From designers to hackers, engineers to wearable technologists, coders to urban farmers, makers to inventors; Makerversity provides space, people and support to develop businesses and creative practice.

website: makerversity.org/amsterdam

mail: hallo@makerversity.org