How will the planning and decision-making process be carried out?

16 February 2018

The spatial planning and decision-making process (Plaberum) divides the spatial projects into four phases. The memorandum is part of phase 1: the exploration phase. This phase determines the desirability, the possibilities, and the direction of the spatial development of the area. The memorandum also defines the process steps, the division of roles, and the participation process.

The exploration phase ends with an administrative decision by the Municipal Executive Board – the decision in principle (July 2017) – that will help to define phase 2: the feasibility phase. This phase aims to further define the feasibility of the project and document this in a project memorandum and a corresponding project decision. After discussing the memorandum in October 2017, the Municipal Council passed a motion on its desire to create significantly more houses at the Marineterrein site.

The Dutch government and the municipality also agreed that a guiding document should be developed for the planning decision-making process, which further defines the principles governing the final development of the area in the long term. This memorandum of principles will become an integral part of the project memorandum. The Dutch government and the municipality will jointly agree on the extent to which the motion can influence these principles. It was agreed with the Municipal Council that a new project proposal would be presented after the municipal elections in March 2018, which should lead to a project decision. This project decision should determine whether the municipality can purchase the site from the Dutch government.

However, in July 2018, the Dutch Ministry of Defence indicated its intention to stay on a larger part of the Marineterrein. As the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Dutch central government are currently discussing the consequences of this, the planning and decision-making process for the development decision has been postponed.

Phase 2 will be followed by phase 3 (the development phase) and phase 4 (the execution phase). Phase 3 will be concluded with an investment decision containing agreements on the design, the programme, and the resources for the execution phase.