The modern doorbell

26 September 2016

Pressing the doorbell is so passé. You first have to find the address and button, and then only hope that the right person is there. The VBell solves this problem!

Visitors to Marineterrein Amsterdam can now easily find their way to a tenant. The VBell is a mini website that provides a list of all tenants. Click on the name of the tenant you are looking for and you will be given a choice between:

  • a route starting from your current location leading to the door of the organization, or
  • the option to ‘ring the doorbell’ of the organization using the VBell.
    You can ring the reception or even individuals in the building.


Ringing a tenant

If the tenant’s ‘doorbell is rung,’ then a variety of things could happen. The tenant is either sent a Twitter message or receives a notification on their computer. While messages to tenants with a reception can be displayed on one computer, individual employees can also receive notifications on their own computer. By clicking on the notification or message, a response can be sent to the caller such as ‘I’m coming now,’ or ‘Click on “Take me there” to show you how to get to our door.’

Internet of Things

Another option is to operate a device with the VBell via the IoT protocol (Internet of Things). For instance, when a visitor presses the bell, the coffee machine could be switched on or the fountain on the ‘Voorwerf’ activated. In the future, once there are smart lamp posts on Marineterrein Amsterdam, it will be possible to illuminate the way to the right door.

Design and implementation: Glimworm