Take part

Marineterrein Amsterdam is a unique area in which various parties feel involved. For this reason, efforts are being made to reach as many interested parties and stakeholders as possible, such as local residents, businesses and institutions on the Oosterdok, residents of Amsterdam, temporary tenants at the Marineterrein, companies and knowledge institutes in the city, and innovators throughout the Netherlands.

Marineterrein Amsterdam is a unique area in which various parties feel involved. There are several ways to take part in the developments;

Monthly meet-ups

You can participate in monthly meet-ups that explore specific topics, such as smart water management or flexible sport facilities. Some meet-ups are in English, see our Agenda.


Programme: initiatives that correspond to the themes and values of the Marineterrein site may find a place there under the supervision of Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam. Click here for more information.


‘Chat with neighbours’

Residents can participate in meetings to discuss the latest developments at the Marineterrein. This meeting is organized every quarter. See our Agenda.


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You can participate in various tours, such as De Architours (Marineterrein and waterside development), De Gebouwengids (Marineterrein architecture and development), and the maritime tour by Hans Bartelsman, former member of the Dutch navy. See Tours.

Open day

You can learn more about the institutions and projects at the Marineterrein during the annual open day. See our Agenda for more information.


Work placement positions and research: we regularly work with universities and universities of applied sciences on relevant topics. Please mail to info@marineterrein.nl.