Wind-powered wayfinding

20 March 2020

There are no street names on Marineterrein Amsterdam, just building numbers from 001 to 039. Such is the legacy of the site’s military past. The various entrances to the buildings are also marked with a letter: A, B, C… you get the idea.

To improve clarity and recognition, the directional signposts found across the site were recently fitted with a large Marineterrein logo. And when the wind blows, the logo rotates with the wind, showing that the Marineterrein is always in motion. The signs are based on the existing building numbers, and roughly consists of four parts:

  1. Map boards at the entrances to the Marineterrein
  2. Facade signs with a building number
  3. Signposts with building numbers
  4. Entrance signs at the entrances


  • Come a little earlier than you need to. The Marineterrein is quite large, and it takes 5 to 10 minutes to get from the main entrance to the buildings.
  • Check the map boardsto see which building number you need. Colour routes on signs and lampposts will help you to find your way.
  • Still lost? Go to nl/plattegrond.