What do you know about the Marineterrein?

19 March 2018

Why is Marineterrein Amsterdam being developed into an international innovation environment? How green will the area become? Can I register for housing? The most frequently-asked questions about the Marineterrein have been collated and answered on this website.

For instance, did you know that the Marineterrein is owned by the State? The City of Amsterdam is the intended buyer, which is why both parties have got together to work on the plans for the area. The State and the City of Amsterdam have big ambitions for the Marineterrein; it is set to become a place where open innovation is possible, and a place where solutions for global challenges are devised, tested, and applied. The area must make a substantial contribution to the strong position of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. This ambition is already being worked on, such as in the Smart Roof 2.0 project. This blue-green roof opened in 2017 and offers a solution for cooling, extra greenery in the area, and rainwater collection in the urban environment. Another such initiative is Growth Tribe, an organization that has enjoyed great success in offering unique courses in the fields of growth hacking and artificial intelligence.

More than 70 questions and answers

In order to provide more information about what is currently happening now at the Marineterrein and to gain a glimpse into the future, the most frequently asked questions about the Marineterrein have been collated and answered on the website. There are more than 70 questions, divided into themes such as ambition, development, and planning. Information can also be found about future functions at the site, such as housing, work, education, sport, and culture. The most pressing questions relating to existing buildings, traffic, green spaces, and public space have also been included, as has a general timetable of the developments.

Ask a question

The plans are still at an early stage at present, so the answers to some questions are still fairly general. Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam provides monthly updates with answers to new questions. If you don’t see your question among the FAQs, send it to us using the form beside the questionnaire and you will receive a response as soon as possible.