Trauma treatment with virtual reality

4 December 2018

Marineterrein Amsterdam welcomes a new organization: Sensiks. Sensiks makes multi-sensory booths in which people can receive treatment for trauma or anxiety. Sensiks becomes part of XRBASE, an internationally known community of experts in the field of virtual and augmented reality. Sensiks
 uses not only video and audio in its interactive booths. It also works with odor, temperature, wind and light. The senses are stimulated so that users experience life-like situations.

Sensiks cooperates intensively with Dutch healthcare organizations and scientists, such as the Philadelphia Foundation, TNO, Radboud UMC, Mentaal Beter and REshape. During experiments with the multi-sensory booth, they evoke (stressful) experiences and memories with their customers. This can be useful for treating patients with a burnout or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Treatment in the cabin also gives the elderly and the disabled a better quality of life.

Transformation Marineterrein

Marineterrein Amsterdam is a test area for social issues. It changes step by step from a military site to a city district that can adapt well to future changes. There will be work and meeting spaces, special living forms and green spaces.

Healthcare applications

‘Now that people are getting older, the question arises how we stay healthy for longer. With Sensiks we strengthen the community in the field in the field of health. Together we work on solutions for relevant social issues, “says Liesbeth Jansen, director of Marineterrein.

‘For us, XRBASE is really a hotspot where we can make high-quality productions with the community for our booth. That is the reason for our move to the Marineterrein in Amsterdam ‘, says Fred Galstaun, director Sensiks.

Location on the Marineterrein

Sensiks is at XRBASE in building 027E. This is one of the two identical buildings ‘on feet’ along the quay of the Marineterrein. Building 027W and 027E were built in 1967 for the technical training courses of the Royal Netherlands Navy.