The new Marineterrein Magazine

18 March 2020

The new Marineterrein Magazine was launched at Marineterrein LIVE! 2020 – the site’s annual extravaganza. This third edition is packed with inspiring interviews, the latest news, and details about the tests and experiments currently being carried out on the site. 

The first part of the magazine focuses on learning from our mistakes. Failing is inevitable during testing, but it’s a question of what you learn from those failures. In an interview, Director of Codam, David Giron, says, ‘At the moment, failure in education is often seen as a bad thing, even though experts emphasize the importance of trying and potentially failing. At Codam, you can fail and start over as often as you want. You learn just as much from what doesn’t work as what does.’

Special spots
The Marineterrein’s reputation as a testing ground is thrusted into the limelight with special spots. These are the current and future areas on the site where experiments are carried out to find innovative solutions to urban issues. For example, smart artificial grass pitches have been undergoing testing for some time at building 027, plus a self-driving minibus will soon be running on site.

Thinking outside the box
In a series of inspiring interviews, we talk to some community members on the Marineterrein about the importance of thinking outside the box and how they apply this in their daily work. Finally, we look at a number of examples of ongoing tests and a column about a seagull that has made its home on the Marineterrein.

‘In this edition of Marineterrein Magazine, we will share the latest developments and introduce you to some interesting thinkers and makers. I hope this magazine inspires you in your own experiments. Happy testing! 

– From the foreword by Liesbeth Jansen, Director of Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam

Interested in reading the new Marineterrein Magazine? Get your copy from the porter’s lodge in building 003 (while stocks last).

Liesbeth Jansen with the new Marineterrein Magazine