Tech jobs for everyone

4 February 2019

The tech jobs are up for grabs, but where are the people with the right skills? Tech companies, education and government are joining forces to train and attract tech talent from all walks of life in a new action program for major Amsterdam: TechConnect. Within this master plan for the tech sector, there is a lot of attention for inclusiveness and diversity, because people from different age groups, cultures and education levels are desperately needed to solve problems.

The digital economy of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is growing at lightning speed. Research has shown that 50,000 additional programmers, data analysts, growth hackers, artificial intelligence experts and tech support staff will be needed in the coming years. There are already about 10,000 vacancies open in the region. But there are by no means enough people to fill all these vacancies.

Chance equality

With the Marineterrein as a base, TechConnect will ensure that many more people opt for a career in tech in the coming years and that there will also be sufficient people with the right skills in the future. An important point of attention here is to promote equity, because the tech world has little diversity, and certain age groups and women are strongly underrepresented. It is precisely these groups that are desperately needed to restore balance in the workplace, according to Viktor Bos, one of the driving forces behind TechConnect.  But how does he intend to deal with that?

Growth Hacking

“I want to pull out all the stops to involve the less obvious target groups in the tech revolution,” says Viktor Bos. “With technology you can solve many problems, that is why there is so much demand for it. We can also use it in our mission. That is why we apply ‘growth hacking’. “Growth hacking is a continuous process of short, data-driven experiments, which means that an organization learns more and more about the most efficient way to communicate and respond to changes. Bos: “We have entered into a partnership with the specialist in this field: Growth Tribe, one of the organizations on the Marineterrein. One of their growth hackers is already working for us “.

Education and training

TechConnect, together with dozens of knowledge institutions and companies, has compiled a comprehensive program, which runs until 2022. The program has twelve pillars, with a focus on education and training. Some parts are already running, such as the first TechConnect week that took place last fall. Other pillars are Closer2Tech, MKB Digital Power Program and MBO digital; a model to train teachers.

About TechConnect

TechConnect is a collaboration between Startup Amsterdam (co-initiator TechConnect), BIT Students, Economic Affairs Municipality Amsterdam, municipalities of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Rabobank, AUAS, UvA, Booking, TomTom, Conclusion, Growth Tribe, BSSA, Codaisseur, IFDN / European Leadership University. Amsterdam Economic Board has the leading role in the TechConnect program.

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