Sharing station voor e-bikes

28 June 2017

Social and technological developments are being devised and tested at Marineterrein Amsterdam. The aim is to contribute to a healthy, future-proof city. As part of that, a pilot for an e-bike sharing station was recently launched.

Electric bikes can be a solution to traffic jams, parking problems, and pollution. But there are still very few safe storage facilities with charging stations, and the bikes themselves are expensive. Urbee has a solution for that problem. Urbee is a network of innovative shared electric bicycles fitted with smart locks. Urbee’s e-bikes are already available at several locations around the city. A sharing station was also recently installed on the Marineterrein next to building 025, including charging stations and, for the moment, six electric bicycles for hire.

Urbee handles everything

Urbee believes that if travellers in the city decide to take an e-bike instead of a car, it will improve the general quality of life. Only time will tell whether shared e-bikes can really catch on and make a difference. A major advantage of Urbee is that the operating costs are low. Members who take out a €5 monthly subscription pay only €1 per hour. The rental price for non-subscribers is €2 per hour. Urbee handles everything else: booking, key management, service, and maintenance. Interested? Create an account via the Urbee app or register online.

Sustainable sharing systems becoming increasingly popular

When it comes to transportation, sustainable sharing systems are becoming increasingly popular in Amsterdam. The editors of DuurzaamBedrijfsleven have tested and compared three providers: Felyx’s electric scooter, Car2Go’s electric car, and Urbee’s electric bikes. Read the full article here (available in Dutch only).