Safe digital production

12 December 2018

With 3D printing, each company can manufacture parts for machines and other utensils locally. In this way they prevent overproduction, and savings can be made on transport and material costs. Nevertheless, companies are reluctant to embrace 3D printing because they are afraid that their designs fall into the wrong hands. MAEKIT, new on the Marineterrein Amsterdam, is working on solutions to make the production process of 3D printing safe and reliable.

No more overproduction, no need for storage rooms, locally produced goods, therefore less transportation costs and pollution, saving of material and the chance for everyone to make their own products. 3D printing is a revolutionary innovation that can make production processes much more efficient. Nevertheless, many large companies are still reluctant to fully embrace 3D printing. Why?

Large companies still have doubts

This hesitation is mainly due to the lack of confidence. Because: what happens to a digital design that is sent to a 3D print farm (1)? How do you ensure that the competitor does not get your design? And can the same product worldwide be guaranteed with the same quality? MAEKIT wants to remove these concerns with an innovative digital platform.

MAEKIT works on trust

MAEKIT is working on the Marineterrein on an open online digital platform that brings trust in the whole chain of digital production. It will become a kind of marketplace for digital production. The organization was set up by material experts, designers and certification organizations that develop a quality mark for digital manufacturing facilities. This digital ecosystem is linked to technologies such as blockchain (2), IoT (3) and cryptography (4). With this MAEKIT guarantees the delivered quality and the origin of products and processes, and protects the files. With such a reliable system, larger industrial companies will switch more quickly to innovative – and less environmentally harmful – production processes.

3D Makers Zone

MAEKIT is an initiative of 3D Makers Zone. This organization specializes in innovation with industrial 3D printing. They do this in combination with additional technologies such as blockchain and IoT. 3D Makers Zone is the first location in North Holland with a ‘Smart Industry Field Lab’ quality mark (5). MAEKIT is housed in building 024 at the head of the Marineterrein.

More info:

(1) A 3D print farm is a digital ‘factory’ with many 3D printers.
(2) Blockchain is a digital register (database) in which transactions are kept that are protected so that they can withstand fraud.
(3) IoT stands for Internet of Things: the (temporary) connection of devices with internet to exchange data.
(4) Cryptography is used to keep data secret that is sent digitally. Only the sender and receiver have the correct ‘key’ to convert the data into its original form.
(5) Smart Industry means that modern technological developments are used to optimize logistics and production processes. A Field Lab is a laboratory in which smart-industry solutions are developed and tested and where people also learn how to use these solutions.