Programming school without instructors gains a spot at Marineterrein Amsterdam

19 March 2018

After the summer, an unorthodox programming school will open its doors at the Marineterrein: Codam (Coding in Amsterdam). After locations like Paris and Silicon Valley, Amsterdam is set to be the next hotspot for everyone – boys and girls – who wants to learn the skills of the future, with a guarantee of a good job.

The course is even more special, as the lessons given in the building all take place with no instructor present. In addition, there are no fixed lesson times. The course is also free of charge, and students who need a place to stay overnight can get help finding somewhere.

Creativity and cooperation

Codam wants to demonstrate that programming (or coding) is primarily a matter of creativity and intensive cooperation. Codam is set to become a school that – in principle – anyone can attend. It doesn’t matter what kind of previous education you’ve had, or how much affinity you have with technology; the first candidates will be selected by means of an online test that is open to everyone.

Best programming school

Codam is founded on the ideas and curriculum of the renowned Ecole42 in Paris. Hundreds of students from all sections of society have gone on to find good jobs after completing the programming school’s course. This programming school is known as the best in the world.


Codam is coming to the Marineterrein at the initiative of the charitable foundation of Corinne Vigreux, co-founder of TomTom. Website: