Opening bridge

22 January 2016

On 11 January 2016, the Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan and the Dutch Minister for Housing Stef Blok opened the new bridge to the Marineterrein Amsterdam. This occasion has marked the point at which the station area, the Marineterrein, and Kattenburg island are all directly linked to one another, as well as seeing an area of the Marineterrein becoming publicly accessible.


De brug is called ‘Commandantsbrug’, in honour of the Royal Netherlands Navy, which is gradually vacating most of the grounds. Along with the opening of the bridge,  a second part of the Marineterrein is now open to the public.

Direct route for cyclists and pedestrians

The new bridge directly connects the new publicly accessible area of the Marineterrein to the head of Dijksgracht street. This moveable bridge offers cyclists and pedestrians a quicker route between the station area and Kattenburg island, and also improves the accessibility of the Marineterrein. However, the bridge is only temporary, as the Marineterrein is still being developed. Now, the developers are looking at the most suitable final position for a cyclist and pedestrian bridge.