New to Marineterrein Amsterdam: Van Rijn serviced apartments

20 March 2020

Building 025 was once occupied by the Dutch Ministry of Defence. Now it is home to Van Rijn serviced apartments – temporary accommodation for visitors to Marineterrein Amsterdam. Not geared at tourists, but thinkers and doers wishing to stay in Amsterdam for a while to help shape the city of the future.

‘This has always been a building where people come together,’ says Anne van Cruchten, Reservations and Administration Manager at Van Rijn. ‘It was the first place where both officers and non-commissioned officers ate together side by side, something which they had always done separately until then.’

Van Rijn is continuing tradition at the building. Anne continues, ‘There are people from all over the world who come here, from different cultures and with different backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common: they have come to Amsterdam to add value.’
And that is exactly what Van Rijn is all about: a place for researchers, scientists, and students who can bring something to the city. ‘We are not a hotel; people often stay here for several months,’ says Anne. ‘And they use that time to do research and help come up with ways to develop the city. There was a scientist here who, over the past three months, worked with AMS Institute on how we could make Amsterdam fit for the future.’

A welcome addition
Van Rijn is a welcome addition to the Marineterrein community. ‘There are a lot of start-ups and innovative companies here,’ says Wisse Smit. As host and administrator of the building, he is in contact with guests every day. ‘Those organizations attract an international audience, which they work together with on projects. Those people can now stay in the heart of where it’s all going on.’ 

Diverse crowd
Wisse introduces his guests to the building and the Marineterrein during their stay. ‘It’s a vastly diverse crowd. We have had environmental activists, all kinds of researchers, NGO staff, and people working in the cultural sector.’ Wisse points to the chairs next to the front door of the building. ‘That was where all those people would get together before. But now KANTEEN25 is open on the ground floor, this will become even more of a place where people come to connect with each other. ‘

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