New to Marineterrein Amsterdam: AHK art and technology lab

20 March 2020

Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) has moved into building 024, setting up a lab where initiatives on the cutting edge of art, science, technology, and education will be developed. 

Located in the same building as IJsfontein and Scheepskameel, AHK ArtechLAB will offer a space for artists, students, and lecturers to work together in the field of science and technology. The AHK master’s programme in art education will now be taught in building 024.

Development and working with groups are pivotal to the new location – just one reason why Architecture & Circular Thinking lecturer Peter Van Assche will be based in building 024. He will be researching circular construction, involving wider groups in his work.

Following the opening of the VRAcademy and the AHK Makerspace on the Marineterrein, the art and technology lab marks a new step for the AHK in developing a learning environment on the site, where students, lecturers, members of the public, partners, and community members can work together on crossover projects in the field of art & education and circular construction.