NEMO Science Museum expands to the Marineterrein

13 July 2018

NEMO Science Museum expands to the Marineterrein. ‘The Studio’, as this extra location is going to be called, is going to be a laboratory for new programs. The concept of the Studio fits well with the innovative character of the Marineterrein, where organizations and researchers come up with solutions for societal challenges and a sustainable living environment. The new location is right in front of NEMO Science Museum, in the low-rise building of building 027.


The Studio on Marineterrein Amsterdam offers space to new programs, complementary to what NEMO Science Museum offers now. NEMO will devise, test and apply new exhibitions and programs at The Studio. The arrival of NEMO is a valuable addition to what it is all about in the Marineterrein: innovation. ‘Everyone seems to agree that we need solutions for important scientific issues. It is important that citizens take note of these issues and technological developments. Not only to form an opinion about it, but also to actively contribute to solutions’, says Michiel Buchel, director of NEMO. ‘The Studio offers us the possibility to involve citizens in issues, developments and solutions in the NEMO way; understandable for everybody and interactive. Consider, for example, the role of science and technology in an urban environment. Together with scientific partners and Amsterdam Smart City, NEMO develops programs to inform and involve citizens.’

First programs in 2019

NEMO expects to start with the first programs in the second half of 2019. NEMO is now approaching partners, including the community on the Marineterrein itself, to devise ideas for programs. NEMO also talks with the researchers and students of the Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) about collaboration.