Marineterrein in Monocle

24 April 2018

“What does it take to breathe life into a neglected district in a long-lasting and meaningful way? We look in on an area in Amsterdam that is doing it right”, British magazine Monocle recently published an article about the developments at Marineterrein Amsterdam. “Despite numerous proposals for short-term money-making developments involving housing of office space, the Dutch government and the Amsterdam municipality were more thoughtful”, Monocle writes. (…) “The activity underway at Marineterrein is already promising, with a community of 400 people breathing new life into the area. In a 1960s building overlooking the shining water of River IJ is Makerversity, a bustling meeting place, classroom and workspace for all sort of creators and makers.” (…) “Almost everything is geared towards exploring possibilities for a healthier, more efficient city.”

Monocle No 113 was published 24 April 2018. You can find the online version via this link (accessible after subsciption).

Or you can download the Monocle article (Pdf) about the Marineterrein here free of charge.