Marineterrein: helping you work on your future

22 September 2016

Marineterrein Amsterdam and its users are striving to work on a sustainable future while offering a counterbalance to the hustle and bustle of the city.

When the Ministry of Defence vacates the area, the social and economic significance will increase. While everyone sees the potential of this prime location, the challenge is to come up with a coherent set of plans and activities that will safeguard the value of this area in the future. The framework for this was provided by the Dutch government and the Municipality of Amsterdam, both of which will be involved in the development. These frameworks are: the maritime significance of the area; innovation; connection in the form of ideas, people and activities; and leisure in the form of green spaces.
The current users will assess how these frameworks can best be applied by doing, researching, creating, and sharing knowledge. The goal is to develop a future-proof area that can retain its values and adapt to a rapidly changing world.