Growth Tribe moves to Marineterrein

23 August 2016

Companies can grow very fast, but in a different than before. New skills are needed to get things done. You can learn them with Growth Tribe.

New media and innovative techniques have made it possible for companies to grow in a unconventional way. Growth Tribe helps marketeers to enhance both their knowledge and their skills to face these challenges.

Last year, Growth Tribe Academy, in collaboration with Facebook, StartupAmsterdam and the UvA, launched Europe’s 1st Academic Growth Hacking Program. The young training company has since taught 42 full-stack marketers in its academy and more than 463 professionals participating in its 2-Day Crash Courses and digital transformation programs for corporates. A staggering 505 people were trained in the first 10 months of the company’s existence.“We have improved our curriculum and now it’s time to offer our growth hacking training products to a broader audience. We’re ready for the next 4000!” says co-founder Peter van Sabben.

Growth Tribe Academy moved to a new 560m2 office at the Marine Terrein in Amsterdam. “This new inspiring space gives us room to grow. It’s a perfect location to host all our trainings.”, says van Sabben.

  • Growth Tribe is specialised in teaching technical growth skills through hands-on workshops. Growth Tribe Academy offers now four training products:
  • 6 Weeks Evening Course: For adults to learn growth hacking skills
  • Digital Transformation through Education: Training entire marketing departments.
  • 2-Day Crash Course: For startup founders, marketing managers and investors who want to understand and apply growth hacking to their organisations.
  • Academy: 3 Months Full Time Course for young professionals