From a shooting range to a virtual reality lab

26 September 2016

In April 2016, IJsfontein moved from the idyllic Westerpark in Amsterdam to the cool, new Marineterrein Amsterdam. Here you’ll find buildings that you don’t normally see in the centre, such as a shooting range.

Marineterrein’s shooting range is an oblong, soundproof, and windowless building. Located at the top of the area, right in front of IJsfontein’s office, this unsightly building obstructs the views and can no longer be used as a shooting range. And while perhaps the obvious answer would be to demolish it, for the time being that option is not on the cards. Instead, IJsfontein has transformed the shooting range into a laboratory used to test, research, and develop virtual reality applications – a virtual reality lab, so to speak.

Virtual reality (VR) is rapidly developing. There are high expectations for this technology, and rightly so. With VR, you can actively participate in events at locations that either don’t exist or are too dangerous to visit in real life, giving you an intense feeling of involvement.

IJsfontein uses VR for educational methods and teaching experiences. At the moment, IJsfontein is using VR in projects ranging from care and business safety to museum exhibitions.
Alongside its own projects, IJsfontein is also making room available for other VR specialists resident at Marineterrein. Thanks to this, the new VR lab forms a bridge between reality as we perceive it and virtual reality by connecting clients, creative minds, and technical whizzes.

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