Fitness conservatory in the making

28 June 2017

Make your tour around Oosterdok complete with a workout on the new fitness equipment. You can find them on Kade West, between buildings 025 and 024. When summer is over, a conservatory will be set up around the equipment.

The City Centre District has allotted six pieces of fitness equipment for Marineterrein Amsterdam. Currently, there are four pieces of strength training equipment in the field next to buildings 025 and 024. Two large pieces of climbing equipment will be added after the summer. Walls made of recycled material will be installed around the equipment, creating an enclosed ‘fitness conservatory’ with a beautiful view of the water on one side. The construction of the fitness conservatory is part of a larger design plan for Marineterrein Amsterdam. As part of the plan, the adjacent square under building 027E – the building on ‘feet’ – will be given a greener look. The goal is to create a low-traffic area.

Exercise is important for future of the Marineterrein

The construction of the fitness conservatory perfectly fits in with the image of Marineterrein Amsterdam. Exercise, play, and movement will all play a prominent role in the future of the area, in line with the municipality’s healthy city policy. Various sports facilities will open up for temporary reuse once the Ministry of Defence vacates most of the site in the summer of 2018. Innovation and flexibility are the goals, so it’s not possible to claim a spot for a permanent function. That won’t change in the coming years.

Active initiatives

There are already a range of active initiatives on Marineterrein Amsterdam, like improving the water quality so that the harbour can be safely used for swimming in the future. In 2016, Rondje Oosterdok was finished – a 2.1 km walking and running trail across the Marineterrein and the Oosterdok bridges. Torpedo Kattenburg was founded by organizations on the Marineterrein; it’s a football club that doesn’t operate as an association, but occasionally organizes sporting activities for companies on site and nearby. Local residents have also started their own small-scale activities on the Voorwerf like tightrope walking and chi kung. More info on the use of outdoor space can be found here.