Exercise safely in the outdoor fitness area thanks to ‘smart’ lighting

1 January 2021

Red means you’re too close, white means it’s safe. Thanks to ‘smart’ lighting in the outdoor fitness area, sports-minded individuals can do their exercise routines in a coronavirus measures compliant way.

January, the month of New Years’ resolutions and therefore of exercise. As the gyms are closed, the outdoor fitness area at Marineterrein Amsterdam is a perfect alternative to work up a sweat and burn off some December weight. 

Exercising safely

Unfortunately, there is still a risk of contracting the coronavirus even when outdoors. To ensure that exercise is safe and responsible, the outdoor fitness area has been fitted with lighting that alerts people when too many are exercising at once or when they are too close together.
If five or fewer people are present in the outdoor fitness area, then the lighting shines white meaning there is no cause for concern. If more than five people are present or if the people there are within one-and-a-half metres of one another, then the lighting will colour red. This clear warning ensures that people can be mindful of themselves and others.

Respecting privacy
A camera in the outdoor fitness area counts the number of visitors by using an algorithm which can detect whether people are too close together. The images are processed into data locally and are then deleted. This guarantees the anonymity of the visitors. This project, like the open-source crowd monitor, is a way to use cameras and complementary technology to increase the liveability of the city, without violating the privacy of residents.
Personal data are processed with due care and securely in accordance with applicable legislation (GDPR) and transparency guidelines (TADA). As part of this project, the camera locations and functions are included in the camera register of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

This project is a collaboration between Tom van Arman (TAPP), Marcus Pfundstein (Life Electronic), CTO gemeente Amsterdam, and Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam.