Coming soon: Clubhouse

19 March 2018

On the Marineterrein a growing community of digital and sustainable innovators is working on solutions for urban and social problems. Especially for them, Clubhouse will open this spring at the Marineterrein.

Clubhouse is not a regular lunchroom. It’s a place where the employees of all the innovative organizations at the Marineterrein can meet eachother. ‘We want to give an extra boost to the collective dreams of the current and future pioneers on the Marineterrein. Hence the name ‘, says Steie van Vugt, one of the founders of Clubhouse. For example, Clubhouse will host talk shows and presentations. Clubhouse is also participating in the  transformation of the surrounding parking spaces into a green oasis.


Clubhouse will be located on the ground floor of building 027E, now a vacant room with lots of glass. Virtually the entire interior of Clubhouse is designed and made by La Bolleur itself. ‘The exterior is in fact also the interior’, says Steie. ‘From here you have a beautiful view of the water. We are going to create something very cool here, but everything that makes this place so special will stay.’ Clubhouse will open its doors this spring. Opening times: from monday to friday, from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. “Or a bit earlier, if that’s what’s needed,” says Steie. Later on, Clubhouse will open during weekends as well.

About building 027E

Since the 1960s, building 027E housed the technical training of the Royal Dutch Navy. The building was deserted some years ago. In 2016, it was completely renovated by SLA Architects. The striking wooden facade refers  to the different flags of the EU countries.