AMS Institute to relocate to Marineterrein

30 March 2018

The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) works with governments, researchers, entrepreneurs, and residents on solutions for a smart, sustainable, and liveable city. The AMS Institute and its two-year master’s programme will relocate to Marineterrein Amsterdam after the summer.

Having the AMS Institute relocate here will help us strengthen our position as an innovative environment for challenges in the field of learning, living, health, mobility, and water,’ says Liesbeth Jansen, director of Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam.

The AMS Institute

The AMS Institute was founded four years ago as a collaboration between Wageningen University and Research, Delft University of Technology, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. The institute currently oversees more than 80 research projects, has more than 30,000 students worldwide, and recently launched its Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering Master.

Master’s programmes and living labs at Marineterrein

The AMS Institute develops technological solutions for complex challenges that metropolitan regions like Amsterdam face both now and in the future. In addition to offering accommodation to employees, researchers, project groups, and partners, the Marineterrein will also house the growing group of students from the two-year MADE master’s programme, who are expected to generate new business opportunities at the site. Residents are participating in the research as testers, users, and co-creators at various living labs throughout the city.

The Marineterrein as an innovative ecosystem in the heart of the city is the perfect place to develop, design, and test solutions as an experimental garden for this city and cities around the world,’ says Arjan van Timmeren, scientific director of the AMS Institute.

Location at the Marineterrein

The AMS Institute will relocate to building 027W this autumn, which is one of two identical buildings ‘on stilts’ along the Marineterrein’s quay. Building 027W and 027E were built in 1967 to house the technical programmes of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Transformation of the Marineterrein

Marineterrein Amsterdam is slowly transforming from a military area to a flexible and future-proof urban quarter with work and meeting areas, unique housing, and plenty of green spaces. The companies and organisations located here develop, test, and apply solutions to social challenges with the aim of creating a more sustainable urban environment. The area is home to an international community of innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are working on making the city and the country more flexible and more resilient.