1. Fighting noise pollution with sensors

    4 February 2019 Noise disturbance; an underexposed but serious problem in the city. Sensemakers AMS search for solutions, using sound sensors and artificial intelligence.

  2. First autonomous boats tested at Marineterrein

    10 October 2018 To wrap up Roboat’s second year of research – the research program on autonomous vessels that helps solving urban challenges of the city of Amsterdam – the first autonomous Roboat prototypes were demonstrated at Marineterrein Amsterdam on Friday, October 5th.

  3. Social charging station

    3 October 2018 With a growing number of electric cars, Amsterdam is becoming greener, but it does pose a charging problem. At the Marineterrein we are working on a solution.

  4. Sharing station voor e-bikes

    28 June 2017 Social and technological developments are being devised and tested at Marineterrein Amsterdam. The aim is to contribute to a healthy, future-proof city. As part of that, a pilot for an e-bike sharing station was recently launched.