1. Wind-powered wayfinding

    20 March 2020 There are no street names on Marineterrein Amsterdam, just building numbers from 001 to 039. Such is the legacy of ...

  2. The new Marineterrein Magazine

    18 March 2020 The new Marineterrein Magazine was launched at Marineterrein LIVE! 2020 – the site’s annual extravaganza. This third edition is packed ...

  3. Tech jobs for everyone

    4 February 2019 In collaboration with Amsterdam Economic Board, TechConnect is working on a master plan for filling up 50,000 tech jobs in and around Amsterdam.

  4. Fighting noise pollution with sensors

    4 February 2019 Noise disturbance; an underexposed but serious problem in the city. Sensemakers AMS search for solutions, using sound sensors and artificial intelligence.

  5. Safe digital production

    12 December 2018 With 3D printing, each company can manufacture parts for machines and other utensils locally. In this way they prevent overproduction, ...

  6. Cool head and dry feet thanks to blue-green roof

    1 November 2018 Research on Smart Roof 2.0 shows that blue-green roofs help in the insulation of buildings, the collection of rainwater, the greening of cities and the reduction of the urban heat island effect.

  7. First autonomous boats tested at Marineterrein

    10 October 2018 To wrap up Roboat’s second year of research – the research program on autonomous vessels that helps solving urban challenges of the city of Amsterdam – the first autonomous Roboat prototypes were demonstrated at Marineterrein Amsterdam on Friday, October 5th.

  8. Social charging station

    3 October 2018 With a growing number of electric cars, Amsterdam is becoming greener, but it does pose a charging problem. At the Marineterrein we are working on a solution.

  9. Marineterrein in Monocle

    24 April 2018 “What does it take to breathe life into a neglected district in a long-lasting and meaningful way?” Recently, British magazine Monocle visited the Marineterrein to find out.

  10. Coming soon: Clubhouse

    19 March 2018 A new place at the Marineterrein where you can have a fresh and healthy lunch, is opening this spring.

  11. Marineterrein Magazine

    26 September 2017 See through the eyes of those who make the Marineterrein what it is. Who are they, what drives them and what are they doing?

  12. Water quality research

    3 August 2017 Exercise is becoming increasingly important and swimming is one of the best ways to improve your physical fitness and your technique. The inner harbour of Marineterrein Amsterdam seems to be the perfect place for a swim, but is the water clean enough? Research will determine whether swimming is an option here.

  13. Sharing station voor e-bikes

    28 June 2017 Social and technological developments are being devised and tested at Marineterrein Amsterdam. The aim is to contribute to a healthy, future-proof city. As part of that, a pilot for an e-bike sharing station was recently launched.

  14. Buoy measures water quality

    28 June 2017 If you see a big yellow Lego head in the harbour of Marineterrein Amsterdam, don't panic. It's a buoy that measures the water quality.

  15. Fitness conservatory in the making

    28 June 2017 Make your tour around Oosterdok complete with a workout on the new fitness equipment. You can find them on Kade West, between buildings 025 and 024. When summer is over, a conservatory will be set up around the equipment.

  16. Smart Roof 2.0

    13 March 2017 A blue-green roof, carefully monitored by sensors, is constructed on top of building 002 of Marineterrein Amsterdam. This provides a wealth of information.

  17. Treewifi

    28 December 2016 Futuristic birdhouses at Marineterrein Amsterdam measure air quality

  18. New light sculpture near the old gate

    28 December 2016 The new light sculpture 0° / 0° near the old gate consists of two basic principles borrowed from the sextant: the position of the sun and the location.

  19. Makerversity up and running

    1 November 2016 Makerversity, a London-based social enterprise, makes Amsterdam’s former city-centre naval base its first European hub for creative, tech and maker businesses.

  20. Robots at your service

    1 November 2016 The European Robotics Week (ERW) offers one week of various robotics related activities across Europe for the general public. The official opening for this year is located in Amsterdam, at the Marineterrein Amsterdam, NEMO Science Museum and the Scheepvaartmuseum.

  21. VRBASE officially started

    12 October 2016 VRBase.Amsterdam is now the central hotspot in Europe for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). VR/AR startups, creatives, developers, freelancers and students will come together to lift VR to the next level.

  22. Inner City exhibition

    12 October 2016 Cityscapes Foundation is exploring the Inner City in yet another building on the Marineterrein Amsterdam: 'Het Officiersverblijf' (025).

  23. From a shooting range to a virtual reality lab

    26 September 2016 In April 2016, IJsfontein moved from the idyllic Westerpark in Amsterdam to the cool, new Marineterrein Amsterdam. Here you'll find buildings that you don't normally see in the centre, such as a shooting range.

  24. Growth Tribe moves to Marineterrein

    23 August 2016 Companies can grow very fast, but in a different than before. New skills are needed to get things done. You can learn them with Growth Tribe.

  25. Officers’ quarters available

    12 August 2016 The former officers’ quarters on Marineterrein Amsterdam will become available for a new tenant in November 2016.

  26. Information for swimmers

    12 August 2016 Swimming here is permitted, but at your own risk. Make a well-considered choice before going into the water for a swim.

  27. The Land inside the Walls

    25 May 2016 Because of our many foreign visitors, there is now an English language edition of the short stories of the Marineterrein Amsterdam; The Land Inside the Walls.

  28. IoT Olympic Games II: challenges wanted

    6 April 2016 On 23 and 24 April 2016, during the second IoT Olympic Games, experienced developers, designers, and technology entrepreneurs will be working on innovations for the Internet of Things in the theme of 'society'. Challenges are welcome!

  29. Tulips with a European touch

    6 April 2016 During the Tulp Festival Amsterdam (Amsterdam tulip festival), held 1-30 April 2016, you can admire various tulip gardens and enjoy walking routes highlighting tulips through the city. This year's theme is: Europe.

  30. Opening bridge

    22 January 2016 A second part of the Marineterrein is now open to the public.

  31. The Netherlands’ presidency of the EU

    12 January 2016 The Netherlands will preside over the European Union for six months, starting January 1st 2016. Over twenty thousand politicians and civil workers will swarm the Marineterrein. But it won’t be all about politics.

  32. Completion of bridge

    10 January 2016 The bridge marks a subsequent step in the development of the Marineterrein

  33. Guided tours

    8 January 2016 Do you want to go on a journey of discovery through the Marineterrein? Every second Wednesday of the month, master storyteller and former member of the Dutch navy Hans Bartelsman gives a tour of the grounds.

  34. A small place for big ideas

    8 January 2016 On the Marineterrein people work together on innovative ideas and projects that promote a sustainable society. Recently, the Amsterdam Smart ...