Marineterrein DNA

Marineterrein Amsterdam is located in the center of the city and covers an area of 14 hectares.

Once the home of the shipyards owned by the Admiralty of Amsterdam in the seventeenth century.

It was later used in the twentieth century as a logistics and training centre by the Royal Netherlands Navy.



In an ever-changing world, we need a new approach to resolving urban problems. In the middle of the city, Marineterrein Amsterdam is the place where small and large businesses, organizations like schools and colleges, researchers, and groups of active citizens can experiment on a small scale in the field of learning, working, and living.

These partnerships – in which the Dutch Ministry of Defence is also involved – are busy experimenting with technology and how it can improve our learning, working, and living environments. If successful, these experiments will be scaled up elsewhere in the city, country, or world. This special and flexible approach is gradually developing the test area into an urban district with space for open innovation, special forms of housing, sports, recreation, and greenery.

Marineterrein community

Marineterrein Amsterdam is currently home to dozens of organizations. In their own way, each one of them is involved in devising, testing, and applying solutions to urban challenges in the areas of:

  • Learning: We are testing all kinds of solutions to modernize our education, reduce the number of school leavers, and find ways in which employees can continue to develop their skills – all with the help of technology.
  • Living: There are more and more people in a warming city, putting pressure on the quality of life. How do we improve our living environment in less space?
  • Working: The pressure to perform in our society is increasing. How can you remain balanced? Which skills and jobs matter, how do you organize teams, and how do you create inspiring and meaningful work?