Win your own virtual space

2 September 2021

THE NEW BASE has been working on Virtueel Marineterrein. In this virtual version of the Marineterrein, community members will be able to organise events, set up simulations of events and visualise various data sources. Can we take our own first steps towards a metaverse? Together with the Marineterrein community, we will explore the possibilities of this brand new medium for the next months or so.

What about your own virtual workspace?

At this moment, the entire outdoor area of Marineterrein has been mapped within its virtual counterpart – and there is also room for one interior space. What interior space would be suitable for this? Your own space? Or do you have another room in mind?

Win your location as a digital twin

Let us know which interior space you think has the most potential for further developing Virtueel Marineterrein and why. The winner receives this location as a digital twin and will be able to interact with partners at this virtual location. On September 22nd, during the next Directors Meeting, the winner will be announced.