Waste alert

1 April 2021

Throwing waste in the wrong container, or leaving waste beside the container is just not acceptable. Unfortunately, this still happens. Here is an urgent request from maintenance to properly dispose of your waste:

Proper use of garbage area:

  • To enter the garbage area, use your fob (druppel).
  • Put your waste in the right container.
  • Flatten cardboard boxes before throwing them in.
  • Don’t throw away paper waste in a plastic bag.
  • Press the start button to press your waste and make space for more.
  • Note that bulky waste does not fit in the container. You will need to dispose of this type of waste at an Afvalpunt.

Planning a clean-up? Do you expect loads of cardboard boxes?

Contact maintenance beforehand, to make sure there is enough space for your waste. They are happy to help you.