Wanted: focus group members

21 July 2020

The municipality is looking for members for a focus group for Marineterrein Amsterdam. Now that the planning- and decision-making process is resumed, we will once again consult stakeholders on topics that are important for the future development of this area. The participants of a focus group will help to monitor the consultation process.

A Memorandum of Principles (NvU) will be drawn up this year. This document contains the spatial programmatic principles for the future development of the Marineterrein Amsterdam. The NvU will soon form part of the project note for the development of the site, and is expected to be adopted by the city council at the end of 2020.

Role of the focus group

As the eyes and ears in the area, the focus group knows the stakeholders. They use this knowledge to ensure that companies and institutions in the field and the surrounding area are involved as much as possible in the Memorandum of Principles.

This helps to ensure that insights and ideas from stakeholders are incorporated into the memorandum as much as possible before it is officially included in the consultation. The focus group is responsible for monitoring the process, not for the substantive responses to the topics during the consultation.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 6 people who voluntarily participate in the focus group for the consultation Memorandum of Principles. Together they represent all stakeholders and stakeholders in and around the Marineterrein: companies, institutions, local residents, women and men, young and old, who have lived in the neighborhood for a long or short time. Participants have a relevant and broad support base.

We ask the focus group to help monitor the consultation process in the period from August to October 2020. In practice, this means participating in several (online) meetings before, during or after the consultation meetings. Focus  group members also coordinate with their supporters about the consultation process and ensure that the supporters are well informed about the consultation.

Expressing interest

If you recognize yourself in the above profile and want to participate in the focus group, send your motivation to marineterrein.go@amsterdam.nl before August 18. Then we will put together the focus group. You will receive a message about the follow-up by email at the end of August at the latest.

The selection committee consists of members of the Municipality of Amsterdam, the State, the Marineterrein Bureau and the Inbo consultancy (process counseling consultation). Based on the motivation letters, a sounding board group is composed that reflects a diverse representation from the neighborhoods.

Extra consultation

In March 2020, the Municipality of Amsterdam and the State made new agreements about the size and location of the future base. This has changed the starting position of development. At the same time, the (temporary) developments on and around the Marineterrein have not stood still either. That is why we are now organizing an extra consultation round.

In 2017, an extensive information and consultation round already provided the necessary building blocks for this Memorandum of Principles. Of course, the results from 2017 are taken into account when drawing up the NvU.