VanRijn is now Rooms25

25 August 2020

This summer, Kanteen25 took over VanRijn. “These are turbulent times,” says Koen Vollaers, owner of VanRijn and Pension Homeland. “We had to look for a party that could take over our initial investment in VanRijn. Fortunately, it is now in the safe hands of Özgur Eylen from Kanteen25 and will be renamed ‘Rooms25’.”

Teaming up with the initiators of Codam, Kanteen25 was the most logical party to take over VanRijn: the entire building will now fall under one flag, which opens up possibilities for more integration.

This month, the apartments on the top floor and the entrance will be refurbished. Initially, students from Codam will find temporary accommodation in Rooms25. In the meantime, Kanteen25 is working on its long-term plans. The use of rooms will basically remain the same; Rooms25 is intended for the community of Marineterrein Amsterdam and the organizations around the Oosterdok. Professionals and students working on projects can find an accommodation for a longer period of time, up to a maximum of six months.

“We are pleased to be offered this opportunity,” said Özgur Eylen from Kanteen25. “We will be working hard this summer to incorporate Kanteen25’s philosophy into Rooms25.”