The future of work on the Marineterrein

27 May 2021

The results of the survey on the future of work are in! On May 18th, a part of the community got together in an online meet-up to discuss the results and brainstorm on what we need to do in order to make the Marineterrein a future-proof working place.

Representatives of 18 organisations filled out the survey on the future of work & the workplace. Here are a few of the most remarkable results:

  • 3 community members do not think that the use of office space will change after the corona pandemic. 14 say the way we use office space has changed for good.
  • 4 community members need more square meters of office space, 5 would like more flexible space and 9 community members have a need for more meeting space.
  • If a new building would be available for the community, 16 community members say they might or will definitely use it. 2 community members say they will not.
  • All of the respondents have a positive stance when it comes to outdoor working space.
  • Almost all organizations have been putting up flexible working spaces to ensure a healthy place to work.

Changes in building 024

Following the first lockdown, IJsfontein has already begun offering flexible office space on the second floor of their office (in building 024). AHK Learning Lab, situated in the same building, is working on plans to transform the entrance of the building into a shared, flexible workspace for the community.

Building 001 available for the community

Bureau Marineterrein is moving out of building 001 (De Commandantswoning) so it too can be used as a meeting place, a place to work and share ideas. Famed for its stylish interior, garden and views, many community members see building 001 as a representative and neutral place to come together or invite business partners.

More news on the development of building 001 as a community-building will follow soon. In general, everyone was positive about the idea of sharing office space, on the basis of flexibility and trust.

Working outdoors

Many community members are looking forward to working outdoors. During lockdown we’ve been meeting our colleagues for walks, making calls while outside and working on picnic tables. In collaboration with the designers of La Bolleur, Bureau Marineterrein is working on creating more outdoor working spaces on the Marineterrein. The first of 10 workspaces have already been installed under the AMS office at building 027W.

In addition, Clubhouse will open up its terrace as a free outdoor working space. No charge, just bring your laptop and use the terrace as your outdoor office. WiFi and power units are available, so you can have a relaxed outdoor working day, have meetings or catch up with colleagues. Of course, buying a cup of coffee or one of Clubhouse’s delicious sandwiches will be much appreciated.

Holding on and letting go

In further discussions, community members talked about the up- and downsides of our new way of working since the pandemic began. As director of Bureau Marineterrein Liesbeth Jansen put it: “We have learned that our ‘old’ way of working could be improved, but at the same time we miss our colleagues and interaction with others. Which things do we hold on to and which do we let go of?”

Virtual Marineterrein

Many community members agreed that we will be working remotely a lot more, and that offices and flexible working spaces will be the place to meet colleagues and business partners. The office will become a social location, with focus rooms and working from home for work that requires more concentration. The New Base is working on a virtual Marineterrein so we can meet on the Marineterrein, even while working from home.

Future experimental projects

During the meet-up, there was also a presentation by Ruben Lentz, concept developer at BLOC. In collaboration with Next Nature Network and Bureau Marineterrein, BLOC is working on an innovation programme regarding the future of working at the Marineterrein. Ruben’s research so far has concentrated mostly on our wellness and safety, human technologies, experience and rhythm of working. Based on a clear vision, BLOC will be starting several projects at the Marineterrein to experiment with new ways of working.

Concluding, a big thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and meet-up. We’ll continue to work together to make the Marineterrein a fun and healthy place to work for everyone!