Sharing sensor data at the Marineterrein

25 November 2021

On December 2, Amsterdam Economic Board is organizing AMdEX Meetup #2. Special guest: Tom van Arman. Starting: 4:30 PM.

Data: a promise for life in the city. Data enables us to tackle major challenges of modern cities, making them cleaner, safer, healthier. Unfortunately having access to this data is not as easy as it seems. Who wants to share business sensitive data with a competitor? And who wants to share privacy sensitive data? Due to uncertainty about security, privacy and data ownership less than 1% of all data is actually used, shared and analyzed.


  • Welcome and introduction to AMdEX – Willem Koeman (AMEC Board)
  • Introduction to the AMdEX trusted grid for data sharing – Hayo Schreijer (DEXES
  • How AMdEX and the Marineterrein are collaborating to share sensor data – Tom van Arman (Tapp)
  • AMdEX policies – how to digitally enforce rules regarding use of (sensitive) data – Thomas van Binsbergen (UvA)
  • Q&A