Share your news with Sjoerd

21 July 2020

Hi everyone,

You might have seen me wandering the Marineterrein, taking pictures and talking to whoever wants to talk. My name is Sjoerd Ponstein and I´m always looking for stories and news; your stories and news to be exact.

Do you have an exciting new project, a collab with another community member, have you reached a milestone with your organisation, a meet-up, are you excited about the new coffee machine, did your colleague shave his moustache, or any other news? I want to hear about it!

Anything fun or interesting that happens on the Marineterrein is worth writing a story about for our website, so we can make our community, our ambitions, projects and the Marineterrein itself more known to the city and the whole country.

So, in short, got news? Call Sjoerd!

Contact me at +31613608186 or

Hope to see you soon!