Safe with DeltaSafe

9 November 2020

From time to time, the Marineterrein has to deal with sleepers or other unwanted visitors. DeltaSafe is here to keep an eye on things.

As a full-service security organization, DeltaSafe is present at the Marineterrein every day and every night; DeltaSafe watches the public spaces, and has a 24/7 safety contract with Codam.

Due to the corona crisis, very few people are currently working on the Marineterrein. This is why DeltaSafe is making more rounds in the area. During these rounds, Deltasafe staff ensures its visible presence in the area, sends homeless people to shelters elsewhere in the city and corrects visitors who do not comply with the 1.5 meter measures. And when things get out of control, the police is called in and Wijkagent Jan Nanne is informed.

Do you need advice or do you want extra security for your office? Don’t hesitate to contact Remco de Graaff from Deltasafe via or 020 632 8835.