New sports circuit

8 September 2020

At Marineterrein Amsterdam we are working on ways to make sports easier and more fun. With the new sports circuit you can now do exercises and follow an audio training with the help of QR codes.

The circuit consists of eight stations, spread over the entire public part of the Marineterrein. Scan the QR code and you will immediately see which exercise belongs to the station. The route, additional explanation and an audio training are also available via the QR codes.

Exercise with professionals

The exercises of the Marineterrein sports circuit were devised by Maartje Piersma and Willempje Vrins of Boxing School Bijlmerbajes. No strangers to the sports visitor to the site, because Maartje and Willempje have been giving kickboxing lessons in the fitness garden and on the helicopter field for over a year. “Our lessons are at fixed times every week, but it is of course also very nice to be able to choose your own time to exercise,” says Maartje. “That’s why we developed this circuit in collaboration with Bureau Marineterrein.”

Unique circuit

Quite a unique circuit, the ladies of the boxing gym realized after exploratory research. “Actually, nowhere in the city is there a circuit that works like this, with explanations through short films and audio training,” says Willempje. Her background in the tech world came in handy during the development of the circuit. “After devising the exercises, I built a prototype of the platform that was then further developed by Bureau Marineterrein.

Accessible and challenging

The result is a varied range of exercises that everyone can do at his or her own pace. “The sports circuit is accessible and fun and challenging for everyone,” says Maartje. ‘You can choose how many repetitions you do and whether, for example, you sprint or walk between the stations.’ would come soon. ‘

New exercises every month

Maartje and Willempje’s exercises can be followed over the next three months. New exercises are added every month to keep the sports circuit interesting and challenging. After three months, the circuit will be redesigned by a new fitness trainer or sports coach.

Want to get started? You can find the route and exercises of the Marineterrein sports circuit here.