Marineterrein Coronaproof

20 May 2020

Dear community members of Marineterrein Amsterdam,

Due to Ascension Weekend that starts on Thursday May 21 2020, and the warm weather that is coming up, we will have to work on crowd management at the Marineterrein. We will therefore be testing with an access policy at the Voorwerf. This is what’s happening on warm days at the Marineterrein, starting May 21; 

  • A limited number of recreational can be allowed on the Voorwerf because of the 1.5 meter measures.
  • Therefore, the small entrance on the Kattenburgerstraat will be closed and the Voorwerf will be fenced off with ribbons.
  • At the main entrance on the Kattenburgerstraat, hosts will control the number of recreational visitors between 12:00 – 23:00.
  • Community members working on the Voorwerf can always go to their workplace via the main entrance. At this point, mentioning your organization is sufficient. This also applies to your visitors.
  • There is no longer a continuous route on the Boardwalk.
  • There is a toilet cart on the Voorwerf that stays all summer.

After May 21

The above measures are further tested and evaluated. Our intention is to continue this policy on all warm days (when it is warmer than 20 degrees).

After June 1

Caterers will be open from 1 June. These are the measures that will be added:

  • Screens at the entrances that tell how busy it is on the Voorwerf
  • Enlarged terraces in order to serve more people
  • Pension Homeland will provide a distribution point for food and drinks for recreational visitors on the Voorwerf.
  • One-way traffic where necessary
  • Measures will be scaled down on cool days.

From June 1, we will also start experimenting with activities:

  • Outdoor office – and sports furniture. The Voorwerf is now completely car-free. From June onwards, we will test furniture that is suitable for (individual) outdoor work and sports in the extra outdoor space that has been created.
  • Information screens. At the Marineterrein we collect data about water temperature, water quality and the number of visitors. This type of information will be published on digital screens at the entrances and on the website. The aim is to inform visitors about the figures for the day and to make visible what we are working on on the Marineterrein.
  • Other outdoor program. All kinds of small-scale activities will follow in the summer. For example, sailing and sup workshops will be held in the inner harbor. And from June 4, exhibitions on the cutting edge of art and science will be held in the Schietbaan.

Don’t hesitate to mail us if you have any questions or suggestions.