Kanteen25: x-mas gifts

29 November 2020
  • Borrelbox for 2: € 27

A box filled with specialties like homemade cheese sticks,
focaccia, mackerel rillettes and lovely dips. The box can easily be share by two (or more) people.

  • DIY Christmas box: € 21

A box to get you in the Christmas spirit.
Make your own Christmas bread at home with instructions from Kanteen25’s own patissier.

The only thing left for you to do is to start baking.

  • K25 Brunch box: Classic € 19,50 p.p. / Deluxe € 29,50 p.p.

A box filled with homemade and local goodies. High-quality dishes, that come with clear finishing-touch instructions from Kanteen25’s own chef.