Exchange your parking pass now

21 July 2020

In order to regulate access more efficiently, we are switching to a new access system. Instead of a parking pass, community members with a parking contract can now open the electric bollard with a pin code. 

If you have a parking contract, the following applies;

  • Submit your pass to the Polo before August 1.
  • Receive a pin code with which you can enter the site.
  • Until August 1, the pole will automatically drop on departure.
  • After August 1 you will also need your pin code to leave the site.

If you don’t have a parking contract;

Marineterrein car-free

We have been working for some time now to gradually making the Marineterrein car-free. This is why we are testing last mile solutions such as Foodlogica, the ‘eBuurthub’ and autonomous transportation. Parking contracts are limited and it is not possible to apply for a new one.