Digital Society School courses with discount

9 November 2020

A great offer from Digital Society School, especially for community members;

Sustainability by Design starting November 25th. After this online workshop, you will know how to work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a hands-on way. After a short introduction to the SDGs, we will take you through the process of creating a local challenge related to one of the global goals. Using sustainable design principles to create and redesign a solution to your challenge, you will create a new perspective on working with and for the SDGs.

Use discount code is sustainable-mt for a 20% discount.

Adaptable Mindset. Ongoing MOOC. This course will empower you to find your own way in this increasingly complex world. A world that changing fast, new technologies and new realities are arising every few months. Education has difficulty keeping up and businesses fail to adapt. In order to adapt to this ever-changing world, you need to develop your own mindset and tools to help yourself and others. Developing your own (adaptable) mindset will allow you to embrace and deal with change much more effectively in both your personal and professional life.

Use discount code is adaptable-mt for a 30% discount.