Director’s Lunch wrap-up

21 July 2020

On June 30, we have had our first community gathering in months, with special thanks to Kanteen25 for making us a very tasty lunch. Here’s a short wrap-up of all the news and updates for those who couldn’t make it there.

Planning- and decision making resumes

In 2017, a start was made by the state and the municipality of Amsterdam for the future development plan. The next step was prepared in June 2018; the ‘Memorandum of Principles’ (in Dutch; Nota van Uitgangspunten – NvU).  The Ministry of Defense, however, announced that it wanted to reconsider their activities in the area and the scale of their presence. Early this year the Municipality en the Ministry agreed on the layout of the military part in the southeast corner of the terrain. Here, the Ministry of Defense will build a new, compact base. The Ministry of Defence shares the ambition for a future-proof city quarter and intends to be part of the innovation program.  

The community embodies future developments

This summer, a new NvU will be written. The community is the embodiment of what the Marineterrein is all about, so the community will be involved prior to formulating this new NvU. This will be completed in the fall, followed by a consultation round. 

Focus group

The municipality is looking for focus group members who are going to monitor the consultation process. The community needs to be represented too. Interested. Read more here.

Marineterrein Communication Manual

In order to achieve ambition for the Marineterrein as a future-proof city quarter it is essential to be visible with projects on the ground, and more outspoken about this ambition in our communications. The brand new Marineterrein Communication Manual will help you to tell the story of the Marineterrein in your socials and websites, You will also find pictures and logos and other style elements.

Crowd management

The Marineterrein is open to the public 24/7, and sometimes it just gets too busy. Yonina de Ruijter (whom some of you know as the producer of the Waterspelen) has been asked to manage crowds in order to keep the Voorwerf safe and enjoyable. Together with AMS Made students we are researching public space design and human behavior related to crowd management. 

We currently have three scenarios; green, orange and red.

  • Green: not crowded and easy going
  • Orange: more crowded, especially in the late afternoon
  • Red: really busy, crowd management starts (door policy). Special measures are taken to facilitate access for community members. Whatsapp Yonina at 06 41 69 47 01 if there is a problem.

Open source crowd monitor

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. With this adagio in mind, Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam, CITIXL, TAPP, and Amsterdam CTO collaborated to deploy smart cameras and visitor screens, to better manage the growing crowds at Marineterrein Amsterdam. Read more about this project here.

Updates community

  • Amsterdamse Waterspelen: this year not one big event, but free summer activities for young people every weekend.  
  • Cinekid is co-working with XRbase building an online festival.
  • Growth Tribe and Universiteit van Nederland have founded Dutch EdTech together with TechConnect
  • AMEC Board is preparing MRA Green Deal, creating with loads of jobs in the green / circular economy
  • AHK Culture Club opens in September 2020.