Large screens for crowd management

22 July 2020

The Marineterrein is open to the public 24/7, and sometimes it just gets too busy. Yonina de Ruijter (whom some of you know as the producer of the Waterspelen) has been asked to manage crowds in order to keep the Voorwerf safe and enjoyable. Together with AMS Made students we are researching public space design and human behavior related to crowd management. 

We currently have three scenarios; green, orange and red. 

  • Green: not crowded and easy going
  • Orange: more crowded, especially in the late afternoon
  • Red: really busy, crowd management starts (door policy). Special measures are taken to facilitate access for community members. Whatsapp Yonina at 06 41 69 47 01 if there is a problem.

Open source crowd monitor

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. With this adagio in mind, Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam, CITIXL, TAPP, and Amsterdam CTO collaborated to deploy smart cameras and visitor screens, to better manage the growing crowds at Marineterrein Amsterdam.

Six video cameras and a computer algorithm are used to determine how busy it is on the site. This self-learning algorithm automatically counts visitor numbers and visitor density at six locations: the entrances, the Voorwerf, the inner harbour, and the fitness garden. Read more about this project here.