Comfort in a bowl

31 March 2020

Soup is the ultimate comfort food. Soeperie is a collaboration between local entrepreneurs and offers you the best fresh soups from restaurant De Plantage, Pension Homeland, Café Bern, Cantina Mobilé and Restaurant As. One portion with bread is as good a as a full meal. Every Saturday, between 12 am-4pm, you can pick up the soup of your choice at Café Bern on the Nieuwmarkt. On the menu:

● Cafe Restaurant De Plantage: Soupe de Poubelle – Vegetarische groentesoep ~ halve liter 1,75, liter 3,50

●Pension Homeland: Ribollita – Toscaanse vegetarische bonensoep ~ halve liter 1,75, liter 3,50

Strandkrabbensoep alleen per halve liter ~ 4,50 ~

Chowder – Aardappelsoep met gerookte paling ~ halve liter 1,75, liter 3,50

●Café Bern: Jemenitische Lamsvleessoep ~ halve liter 2,25, liter 4,50

●Cantina Mobilé: Vegetarische Linzensoep ~ halve liter 1,75 liter 3,50

●Restaurant As: Zelfgebakken desembrood ~ heel 3,80, half 1,90