Codam students need your help

31 March 2020

For the past weeks, Codam students have been at home to continue learning to code to become coding superheroes. Unfortunately, there is a handful of students who don’t have a laptop or computer at home. It is very important that all the students have an equal chance to continue learning to code at home during the Covid-19 situation. To support them, Codam is looking for laptops that are currently catching dust in the drawers of your company or at home, but are still working fine! 

Are you looking for an opportunity to help Codam students out? This is it! Do you have a working laptop that you are willing to donate to a student? It doesn’t have to be new, it just has to work. Please reach out to us via to get more info! Thank you!

P.S. Curious what will happen with your donated laptop when Codam opens again? We will use it to teach a child to learn how to code during our free afterschool and summer camp program later this year!