Call for entries: Speculative product advertisements

12 November 2020

In anticipation of the forthcoming Next Nature Magazine, we call upon you, dearest creatives, to submit a fictitious editorial advertisement: The Infotizement.

The infotizement is an editorial typology that is the exact opposite of the advertorial, which presents itself as editorial content but is in fact an advertisement in disguise. The infotizement presents itself as an ad and aggressively exploits the visual language of advertising—but rather than trying to sell you something, it conveys a story, message or statement.

Sounds nice, but what’s in it for me?

The best infotizements will be published in the forthcoming Next Nature Magazine (due March 2021). Feel free to advertize your own (speculative) product. The submitters of selected infotizements receive a copy of the magazine + a membership to Next Nature Network.

How to start

Take the following in consideration when submitting: Have a clear idea. What is the speculative product? What is the link to next nature? Have a look at our themes for inspiration. Use the classical elements of advertising: image, payoff (slogan) and logo (sender). Give your infotizement a corporate feel: high-quality, seductive imagery, packshots, commercial typesetting etc. Use and misuse corporate logos, or invent your own.


Page size = 205 x 275 mm.
Margins =3p (12,7mm).
Bleed on every side: 1p (= 5mm).
Image quality preferrably 300 dpi / 100% size.
Note: If you use other people’s images, please include image credits, or a source/url where you found the used material so that we can clear the rights.


Send your submission before 31 December 2020 to: magazine[at]


Your infotizements will be judged by Koert van Mensvoort (creative director Next Nature Network), Hendrik-Jan Grievink (designer of the magazine), Ruben Baart (editor of the magazine), Roos Groothuizen (media artist) and Mieke Gerritzen (graphic designer).