A new sheriff in town

9 November 2020

Meet Jan Nanne, the new ‘wijkagent’ or community police officer for the Marineterrein, Kattenburg and Wittenburg. 

For the non-Dutch: a wijkagent is a police officer specifically assigned to a certain area in a city. ‘It’s my job to be the eyes and ears of the Marineterrein,’ says Jan. ‘Most people have no idea what really goes on in a neighbourhood. As your wijkagent, I observe, talk and listen to everyone. I solve problems if necessary and find opportunities where I can.’

In short, Jan is there if you need him. And he would love to get in touch with you or your organisation to get a better understanding of the Marineterrein and the people who work and study here.

Jan uses his social media accounts not only to monitor what goes on in our neighbourhood, but also to let you know what he’s doing. Follow him on Instagram (@wijkagent.kattenburg) or Facebook (Wijkagent Kattenburg & Wittenburg) to get in touch with him and see what he’s up to.