Pillars of Hope

26 May 2021

Recently, the artwork ‘Pillars of Hope’ was installed opposite AHK Culture Club (building 027 K) and the main entrance of Kanteen25 (building 025). It is a group of eight light and sound pillars that are engaged in a continuous dialogue with each other by means of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the conversations, which are about climate change, social justice and democracy, the pillars try to understand each other and come up with ideas that contribute to a better world. Visitors to the Marineterrein are also involved in the dialogue in order to inspire and activate them.

Pillars of Hope were originally developed in 2015 by students of the Amsterdam University of the Arts and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences with the support of the CTO Office of the City of Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Light Festival. In 2021, the AHK Culture Club initiated the redevelopment of the work in collaboration with Bureau Marineterrein’s Living Art Lab. The external characteristics were retained, while the internal technology, concept and operation at the crossroads of art, technology and society by alumni of the ArtechLAB Amsterdam of the Breitner Academy (AHK) and researchers from the Visual Methods Collective (HvA) and the Leiden University have been completely redeveloped.

Hanneke Marseille, the Marineterrein gardener, will create a colorful garden with perennial and climate-resistant plants around the artwork. The opening of Pillars of Hope is taking place on June 25th.