Community news

  1. Invitation: Game Over

    The first '1.5 meter opening' in the Schietbaan will take place at June 4. We hope to see you there!

  2. Narrowcasting project

    How can screens improve wayfinding and crowd management? Please help us by answering just a few questions.

  3. eBuurthub test

    Before we start testing, we need you to fill in a small survey.

  4. Daily tips for your kids

    No school and no more going to the playground. What can your children do these days? Marineterrein community member Cinekid ...

  5. Bezorgkameel

    Do you miss the Madeleines from Scheepkameel?

  6. Waste update

    All waste containers have been replaced by waste compactors.

  7. Comfort in a bowl

    Pension Homeland has joined a great initiative: the ‘Soeperie’ in Café Bern.